Tractor Implements for Sale in Tanzania

To prep land a plough is required, you can use disc or Chisel plough. A disc plough is used for rugged land that might have remains from the last harvest, it feels ploughs through such land, making the land ready for the next seed sowing. On the other hand, a Chisel plough with deeper tillage is used for land that might look fertile on top but does not have productive subsoil. This plough ensures deeper ploughing so the subsoil receives the required moisture, air and sunlight for it to become naturally fertile.

Implements can be attached to Massey Ferguson Tractors in order to help in irrigation. A boom sprayer can be used to water your crops, to spray insecticides on them to keep them from infestation, and even spray fertilizer to increase the health of your crop.

Implements for Massey Ferguson Tractors and other tractors in Tanzania can also help in harvesting your crop once it’s ready, such as the Wheat and Rice Reaper. These implements will cut your crops and deposit them vertically into a separate box where the harvested crop can be collected from. Once the crop is collected, implements such as the fodder copper and the rice thresher can be used to process and sort your harvest and prepare it for final distribution.

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