About Massey Ferguson Tanzania

Tractors for Sale in Tanzania

Massey Ferguson Tanzania is engaged in supplying world-renowned tractors in the local Tanzania market. Massey Ferguson tractors are very popular among Tanzanian farmers as they are not only reliable, very good in quality but very economical in price. Due to affordable prices and quality, Tanzanian farmers prefer Massey Ferguson tractors over other tractor brands available locally.

Brand New Massey Ferguson Tractors Models 50hp To 85hp

We carry a wide variety of farm tractors to suit different sizes of farms and for different crops. We currently offer five very popular models namely:

MF-240 (50 Hp)
MF-260 (60Hp)
MF-360 (60 Hp with Hydrostatic power steering)
MF-375 (75 Hp)
MF-385 (85 Hp)
Mf-385 4WD (85 Hp)

These Massey Ferguson Tractors can plough/ harvest small to large farms with the help of different farm implements offered by us.
Along with agriculture tractors, we offer a comprehensive variety of farm implements to be used with these Massey tractors. The tractor implements make farmers’ lives easy by performing difficult farm operations in an easy and simple way without much effort.
The most popular and frequently used tractor implement is Disc Plough. We offer Disc Ploughs for different tractors based on tractor pulling capacity/ engine power.

Most Popular Tractor Farm Implements for Sale in Tanzania

We offer a wide range of popular farm implements like disc plough, disc harrow, farm trailers, front loader, mouldboard plough, wheat/ rice Reaper, front and rear blades, jib crane, ridger and many more.